Friday, September 12, 2008

blogger cluster-fuck

I recently had a look at Kairol from planetcancer's blog-
everything changes

It's a great resource of information and I wish her well with the book. The community that I've been jolted so mercilessly into is incredibly inspiring- the more we are forced to confront our own mortality, the more selfless we become. Our instinctual urge is to ease the kind of suffering that one's own self has endured.

On said blog is a link to another blog, cake wrecks. examples below. The night of my diagnosis I made my mom to go buy me a whole birthday cake...

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This is supposed to be p-diddy's b-diddy cake. I can only assume that's a fondant-elephant baby version of himself on top, but why is there also a picture of himself between his legs?

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who will make me a "happy 1st chemo" cake? maybe with a little fondant bald head?


Aunt B said...

You known I will make you a cake. Love Aunt Benny

Val said...

That's an awesomely hilarious site. I saw it awhile back and some of them are just too much. Many laughs. Did you eat the whole Bday cake?

kaylin andres said...


I pretty much ate HALF of it until someone told me sugar is bad for tumors.... damnit.