Friday, December 25, 2009

trannylicious christmas wishes

Merry Christmas all.
My gift to you is this wonderful wig tutorial courtesy of the fashion group on PC.
I knew my doppelganger was out there somewhere.


Whittles Wobble said...

I could not stop looking at/thinking about that giant back mole. I just want to take forceps and pluck it off. :x

Levi said...

That is no mole. That's a bumblebee!

Also, SHE loves to stare at HERself while smoking too!
So trannylicious!

Anonymous said...

TWO wigs? On top of each other? And they are SO old woman ugly. What? Why? But that's completely diluted by the gawdawful "thing" on its back. I don't think anything short of a blowtorch will get that off.

James Samuels said...

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