Sunday, December 12, 2010

Big Cancer

This is why I'm generally wary of mega huge nonprofits. They tend to lose perspective.

Really Susan G Komen foundation? No need to go all diva on us.

Susan G Komen Foundation elbows out charities over use of the word "cure"

"In addition to raising millions of dollars a year for breast cancer research, fundraising giant Susan G. Komen for the Cure has a lesser-known mission that eats up donor funds: patrolling the waters for other charities and events around the country that use any variation of "for the cure" in their names.

So far, Komen has identified and filed legal trademark oppositions against more than a hundred of these Mom and Pop charities, including Kites for a Cure, Par for The Cure, Surfing for a Cure and Cupcakes for a Cure--and many of the organizations are too small and underfunded to hold their ground..."

"Cupcakes for the countermeasure" just wouldn't fit on the banner. jerks.


Charissa, BRICKS for Young Adults said...

whoa. thats crazy.

Caroline said...

Diva indeed! What's the point? They just cover the world in pink

Anonymous said...