Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm having a mondo-crying fit right now. it happens occasionally.

I don't understand how I keep going on interviews and keep failing to land a job.

Even minimum wage jobs for which I've had years of positive previous experience with the Company, i.e. Crossroads, have turned me down. RETAIL JOBS ARE TURNING ME DOWN, not even the design industry.


Is it the gaps in my employment history from having cancer/being in college? Is it because I'm honest about being in remission for cancer? Does that scare you, employer? Is it because I only worked at Bloomingdale's for 6 months during the summer, and Goorin for 8 months before they laid me off?

I really... I'm really discouraged.

I will not be able to pay for July rent. My credit line is maxed. I have $42 to my name. I have an interview on Weds that seems promising, but it's for an unpaid internship.

I'm doing the best I can, I'm showing up articulate, positive, absolutely willing to work, honest, with a resume and portfolio I poured my heart into and a smile on my face.

the reality? reality doesn't care much about me or my problems.



Anonymous said...

That is awful. I have been in similar situations, and was able to find work through a staffing agency....lots of little assignments and short term gigs, but something to give me solid work history and a trickle of income while searching for something more permanent. This market is discouraging and awful, I'm so so sorry. :-(

Claire said...

There are no words - it is crap. Life owes you a break I understand how you get fed up of the fight. Keeping my fingers crossed that something turns up.

Anonymous said...

Even though you're not asking for donations, I'd like to help -- do you have a donation account or link somewhere?

Levi said...

This sounds horrible and really frustrating. I really doubt it's the cancer though do you have to mention it? My relative who's hiv+ doesn't mention his status in interviews. You need all the positives you can muster and cancer is not a positive. You should maybe rephrase your missing time as "helping a relative who had cancer." It's not a lie.
Good luck on Wed's interview.

Jackie said...

i'm sorry you're going through this! if interested, check out Cancer and Careers: it's a great resources on resumes, interviewing, etc on life with/after cancer.

kaylin andres said...

I've interviewed with a staffing agency here & sent 2 others my resume, though nothing has materialized yet.

In this instance, I had to explain my cancer because the documentary company, upon learning I had an interview, called my potential employer. As soon as I sat down the manager asked me "so what's with this 'ehm-tee-vee' reality show thing? (those three syllables make people cringe these days.) I honestly think that's what cost me the job.

Generally speaking though, when asked about my employment gaps, I tell the truth because I feel really weird lying, it chokes me up mentally, even something like "I had to care for a family member". Perhaps I need to become a better liar.

Caroline said...

I'm sorry you are dealing with this. On explaining your employment gaps, I would not tell the truth but I would not lie. I would tell them you had personal issues, that are now dealt with, that you were dealing with at those times. I would also find a temp agency and see about getting some shorter jobs in for the short term. Good luck!

Norman said...

please don't lose hope. Jobs are scarce right now. I've been unemployed for almost a year. Keep chippin away. much love.

Anonymous said...

breaks my heart. :( I wish I was there to help you. Love you so very much.


Rachel said...

Dammit - I'm sorry, this is all so frustrating. I'm calling and emailing everyone I know or have ever met who is in NYC for you.

That site that Jackie recommended is pretty cool - did you sign up for the Cancer and Career's Google group?

Definitely check out Tip #4 on

Hell, what about blogging for Pitch 'em!!!

Love you and sending you a few j-o-b-s I found on Craigslist for you!

Anonymous said...

hey, first, you will land a job. you will- and that's that. second, you will land a job that you actually like. third, you can not give up. Based on everything that i read from you so far, based on all the character you seem to possess and the willingness to be honest in all your communications will eventually pay off. its another test of nature, god, murpheys law,,,what ever it is, but you will pass this test, and you will be fine - scratch that, you ARE Fine and You Will BE Great, now cheer up and kick some ass. The next interview you go to assume the air of supreme importance, of the highest order and they will believe you, and hopefully, you will believe you.

Cancer treatment Florida said...

Its really sad,I understand how you get fed up of the fight. Keeping my fingers crossed that something turns up and change your situation.