Friday, January 6, 2012

updates from the babe in toyland

It has been confirmed that I will have a job until our A/W12 Show this February.
I'm not sure I could've lasted longer anyway, as much as that breaks my heart to admit.
After this I hope to devote more time to our comic and YA cancer advocacy, and perhaps freelance writing to pay the bills. Any suggestions? What should I pursue?

I've been having severe hip pain lately, much more than usual; I think it's the joint. I know several people who suffer from avascular necrosis after radiation, and am concerned it is this. I was able to sign up for HHC discounted medical service here in NY, so I will be seeing an orthopedic oncologist next Monday, after spending all yesterday in the Bellevue ER. For now I'm taking an increased dose of pain meds, although it's difficult to work when they make me so groggy. I often find myself trying to communicate, searching for a word that just won't come out. It's embarrassing. I hate opiates.

I'll miss the BJ team; they've become like a family to me; an overworked and overstressed but pizazzy family.

Here's a picture from our Xmas party last month.
betsey quit toying with me!


Anonymous said...

maybe you could make an appeal to Chanel and the fashion industry to pay you as the spokes person ( in ravishing costumes) for melanoma awareness. in the past when aids began spreading throughout their talent pool , the arts community stepped up to the plate to help out. many blogs i read begin with a "simple"visible mole , that unbeknownst to the blogger, turned out to be their worst nightmare. melanoma cases are silently "exploding" though not in a dramatic way like aids was. the saddest consequence is that a simple early diagnosis could alleviate so much suffering if only people knew to make skin check ups routine. maybe the fashion industry could hook up with the academy of dermatology??? creative minds and all !!! the tanning craze began with coco and maybe there is a prevention tie in there. worth a try. keep us posted. we are sending blessings your way.

shaan said...

the BJ team....

i went out with this girl last year who had a side-job as an "image consultant." techies and divorcees would pay her to help them dress cooler. you could probably rule at that.

kaylin andres said...


but I wouldn't be able to live with myself if my business card read, "image consultant". It would have to say "CEO", too.