Friday, April 27, 2012

About Our Comic

I want to make a post to let my readers know about our comic-book project that was funded by Kickstarter last year, and I want to be very direct & honest, as usual. We grossed $7,000 in funds to finish the project, and this went into our living expenses for 3 months as we worked, supplies for backer prizes, and supplies to produce a professional comic, including drawing materials and a scanner.

The plan was to have everything done by the time [ehm-tee-vee] airs a documentary series focusing on my life as a young cancer survivor. The show also covers our production of the "preview" comic & how we found our awesome publisher.

Unfortunately, our money ran out before we could finish the book. The reasons for this are many-- some personal, some not. Originally our goal was to publish a 26 page comic. But as we went along, Jon, our illustrator, wanted to make it bigger-- 100 pages bigger. I have always expressed my concern over this, that we should edit to stay in budget & meet our deadline. Jon is very enthusiastic about this bigger, more involved comic, and assured me that he'll finish the illustrations. I share his enthusiasm, because the story & potential to help people is great. However I feel very uneasy about asking the community for more money to finish this project.

The money would go to backer prizes, and Jon's living expenses as he finishes this 100-page comic.

What do you guys think? Do you want to see another Kickstarter fundraiser, or are you happy with the "preview" comic we have published? The story that Jon & I have developed has a lot of potential, and I want to see it finished. But is asking the cancer community for another $5,500 morally acceptable? Am I reading too much into this?

I would really appreciate your input. I feel the project was somewhat mismanaged, and I am partially to blame for this, because I've got a lot of other cancery things on my plate-- I don't have the energy to micromanage. I put it all in Jon's hands, and although he's done an amazing job so far, the scope of the project has overwhelmed its creators.

thoughts? I want this project to be for you, and I want you to have a say in its fate.

here is a link to check out the new project.

Thanks for reading, guys!


Caroline said...

I blogged about this yesterday. I think its great. I hope you get the funding you need.

Lana said...

I loved the video and will contribute/ spread the word. It's really inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Go for it!

Scorpius said...

I want to see this done as well. I'll back you again. Best wishes!

Jon Solo said...

Hi it's Jon! I'd like to add to this post. The reason I felt we should not cut our original ideas and expand on them is because certain TV exposure this fall will help us reach a huuuge audience. With that in mind.. I decided to take on all the work myself (since I'm drawing it all mostly anyway) and fullfill our original epic vision for this story and make it as entertaining as possible - despite Kaylin's doubts we could pull it off. Money wasn't mismanaged, we made $3000 each last for 15 months of drawing and creating this story. I've put in a year of non-stop, hard work (despite overwhelming set backs and obstacles) and tried to draw it all without having to ask the community for funding again, but funding would really help us get it done faster - hopefully by the time the show airs. We've made it so far! Anyone who looks at the body of work we've created will know we worked hard for the money - and it's all entertaining, good stuff. There is nothing like this story, chemo lasts months for some people - we'll give em plenty to read! Let's go all the way with this!!!!!!!!!!! That's my 2 cents. =)

kaylin andres said...

thanks for your encouragement, guys. I just feel strongly about being straight with our backers as to where their donations are going & where we stand-- instead of plastering on a big smile yelling "give us 5 more grand plz!!". And Jon, what you added is right on point, as well. Our scope has changed, and we need additional funding, simple as that.

Anonymous said...

I think you should keep going with the project. The money that you need will be very significant to you guys but in the scheme of things its not really much at all, most not-for-profit organisations spend a lot of money and their budgets include administrative costs and things like that. I wouldn't feel guilty for asking for more money, it's definitely not morally questionable. The comic rocks.
With love, a fellow AYA cancer survivor who loves your blog

John's Brain said...


I've seen the work you've done to date and it's outstanding! I just wrote about it in my blog,, and I hope that helps you get the funding you need.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

You guys should absolutely keep going! I read your first comic during my first chemo treatment 3 months ago and it helped me mile instead of cry. People spend money on ridiculous stuff everyday.... At least this is something they could feel good about spending their money on.

- A fellow young cancer ass kicker

Anonymous said...

That should be smile btw :)

Anonymous said...

I want to buy that comic so badly! The snippets I've seen so far are AWESOME! This needs to be in bookstores everywhere..