Saturday, September 13, 2008

notes on friends

I can feel his body next to mine, smelling my hair, his arms around me in the most comforting way he knows how- and I realize he could be any number of people and it wouldn't be any different. I could be any girl. Our relation to each other is not the point- it is the pure necessity of having someone. anyone. Our need to be touched becomes heightened when we are in pain... we are living because we have to. The decision was not given to us. We do the best we can.
we hold on tight.


Unknown said...

Miss Kaylin Marie-
Its melissa, your long lost bitch! I just wanted to let you know i am still (unfortunately) in Sacramento. Well, to be more accurate- roseville. So yay- im here if you need some fun and mindless entertainment. And hello- this is the perfect time of year, Evangelines is now open, and you have to love some of those wigs- and you are luckier than me- I am limited to black hair only. A couple of halloweens ago- Kim and I went shopping and I tried on a blonde one, much like the one in your photo, and I looked like someone who should work at Asia SF- but not even that good looking. Total fucking Tranny. LOVE YOU. call me. 916.705.4832 (i wasnt sure if you still had my number, its been way too long since that one night at the round corner.)

Unknown said...

and by saying that I looked like a tranny- i meant to say that you look beautiful in whatever hair color you choose. I think pink needs to be mixed in there FOR SURE

Val said...

Hi Kaylin- I hope you're not very nauseous, if you are I hope it's under control. Love you, hope it all went well.

kaylin andres said...

it all went ok, thanks fish