Thursday, October 2, 2008

Adventures of Cancer Girl, pt. 2

I will update this post with more images once chemo week is over. I am a weakling right now.

One night, hopped up on Decadron and robbed of sleep, I decided to draw out a comic entitled "The Cancer Girl Chronicles". This basically involved my tumor with a hitler moustache trying to invade my body after Poland. I will scan the original story line eventually.

Here is what my improper illustrator and I came up with:

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

My kitty looks great on roids. We have at least 5 stories in the works. Click the donate button if you want to see more, as these things take a hell of a lot of time! Or specify that you'd like to donate to Cure Sarcoma, another great cause :)

Upcoming stories include scenester alien fetus possibilities (oh thank god that's just a tumor in my pelvis), how god sucks at bingo, and more medical marijuana smoking exploits.


Val said...

Ugh I just got back from escaping out of a brainwashing rehab machine in B'ham... long story. I quit and left. I haven't had internet access and I've been asking my Mom for updates on you. I like the wig! Hope all is well, or as much as it could be I guess. Nice drawings :) mental hugs- Haley

Anonymous said...

You drew that? That's so awesome!! You're so talented!!

Anonymous said...

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