Sunday, October 5, 2008

tumor justice league

I'd really like to know when this obscene chemolestation of my body will subside so that I can finally press charges on the pervy bastard and begin years of therapy for latent memories of torture to subside.

What would have been a much-needed reunion with one of my favorite people this weekend collapsed anti-climactically into a one-woman sleep/puke fest.

It is the most miserable thing my body has ever been through. Death, essentially. Drugs teasing your body with the hot, muddied sensations of death. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

Luckily my lady made me a special talisman with a glittery gold tooth.

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SOLO said...

Hey I miss you and miss sacramento with you. Stay strong pleaseeee!!!!! I'm sending you waves of energy in the form of love. Lot's of it. Wish we had a video of that night we changed haircuts at the party...

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