Monday, October 6, 2008

communication 101

It occurs to me that many of my readers are either from PlanetCancer, friends of friends, or simply people I know nothing about. In addition to this, I've got friends and family that I've been forced to separate from, and as we all know, chemo is a bitch with keeping acquaintances. I can barely lift my texting finger to tell you all I haven't croaked.

I am sending out an open letter to anyone who reads this. Send me something. Anything. A heart-felt confession, a joke, your deepest darkest secret, a toy soldier you found on the sidewalk, a piece of a puzzle.

I will send you something back. I probably won't have the energy every time for a hand-illustrated masterpiece, but you can bet it will be something. Maybe a Polaroid. Maybe a receipt with pornographic cartoons drawn on it, maybe some of my extra percocet. Maybe a page from my journal.

And MAYBE, if you give permission, I'll post one or two on the bog.

Happy Sending.

Email to get my address...

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Anonymous said...

If I stopped by and dropped something off for you, would that be alright?

amanda said...

hello kaylin :) my name is amanda. ive recently started watching world of jenks (he's an amazing man isnt he) the show turned me on to ur blog and i can see myself spending many hours in the future just reading about ur journey. ur life. what ive seen so far makes me really appreciate the little things ive always taken for granted. im not gonna sit here and pretend i have a clue what ur going thru because i couldnt begin to imagine. but i am at the point in ur blog (i just started it today) where u posted ur email and welcomed ur followers to senf u things. i have a few trinkets that have gotten me thru some tough times (obviously nothing like cancer) but i would love to share them with you. if this is still ur email and you are still accepting gifts please let me know where i can send things. i hope if u do get to recieve these small tokens of strength that they help keep ur chin up like they have for me and others before me for so many years. my email is

heres lookin at ya kid

Anonymous said...

I wish I would have ran into this blog years ago. Obviously, I found out about you through World of Jenks. However, this blog is super cute and I haven't been able to stop reading. I have a feeling I will read the entire thing through the early morning, because I have tend to do that.
Anyway, this entry is super cute and I would have loved to done this and sent you something cool to maybe make you smile through your illness. I am sure you get tons of letters and gifts now so it isn't the same.
My boyfriend has a lot of problems and struggles daily with pain and mental issues, so we enjoyed your story.
Hoping all the best for you hun and all that other stuff.
Chelsey McClelland