Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sometimes you are forced to take a step back in order to move forward.
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For once in my life I am surrounding myself with people who want to be with me, instead of chasing ghosts. A realization of mortality will do this to you. You find yourself grasping the present with frantic enthusiasm.

I have no more illusions.

Besides, who needs illusions with sunsets like these?


Anonymous said...

Your tumour gets weaker.
Your bullshit detector gets stronger.
See you at YSL, somewhere over the rainbow, Cancer Girl!

MorbidKitty said...

ya...sometimes we have to have things taken away from us to see what we do have and what is real. In builds us into a new person. A 2nd chance at a start to a new life.
A lesson that gives new eyes, new mind and heart.

Val said...

hey-o! my mom said she ran into yo mama and mom was super excited that the nasty tumor had shrunk! I am beyond excited. I hope you had a good tofurkey-day. I'll send out another letter soon. Love you mucho (I wish I could bearhug you)

olivia said...

i've been bad.
i haven't been able to find those damn butterflies anywhere. maybe it's the season?!
i don't know.
all i know is that tonight i will be going to the Mezzanine and i'll be missing you. Who will I pop handfuls of midol and chug jameson with?
i miss you dearly and don't know who i'll hang out with at the show! :(

love you.