Thursday, December 18, 2008

onco arts & crafts

I received this amazing thing in the mail today from Carissa:

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It is fitting, as I found out this morning that my tumor is almost completely gone. The Radiologist can barely see it. There's still cancer in the bone, but we're working on that...

To pass the days, I've been obsessively coloring in Gray's Anatomy with my Prismacolors. It took me awhile to realize the significance of this- adding bright colors to otherwise mundane medical imagery as a way to cope. It also brings back a certain childhood nostalgia. I think when I'm done with the whole book I'll cut everything out and make some sort of collage.

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Thank you to everyone who has sent me mail. It is SO encouraging getting those little treasures during treatment- I could be having a crap day and it will completely turn around due to a letter. I'm slowly getting around to mailing things back...


Anonymous said...

The Ilium? I had no idea it was called that. That's nice. Remember, the Trojans besieged Ilium for years and years, but they won in the end. And so will you.

stephen said...

this is brilliant!! keep working on this!!! xxxx

shaan said...

"Remember, the Trojans besieged Ilium for years and years"

a double-entendre for the ages.

Anonymous said...

I came from your comment in Carissa's LJ. Thank you for this journal, I'm going to send a young friend of mine here, who is going through cancer as well. I hope that's okay.

Erin Isbell
(We went to high school together, I don't know if you remember me? I do remember you and I'm sending a ton of good thoughts your way!)