Friday, December 19, 2008


A friend has died.

Even though I 've only known him a short while, he has provided me more comfort during this ordeal than people I've known for years. He was never afraid to tell me to smile; he had been there before.

It's surprising how much I am mourning- I was praying, errr, sending good energy out into the ether in hopes that he'd make it to christmas.

fucking bone cancer. eat my ass.


Aftercancer said...

That sucks. Sorry for your loss.

olivia said...

hm... i'm sorry to hear that. i'm sure he's in a better place. turn your sorrow into strength to beat that cancer to a pulp!

i love you and miss you.

Pansy Palmetto said...

I learned of his passing while I was at work. I went home because I could not stop crying. I, too, am surprised/upset with how much I am mourning.

I saw your mom just before Thanksgiving. I am so sorry you are having a tough time with your treatments. They are very harsh that is for sure.

Keep on floating yourself through this. I think your treatments are possibly dazing your brain, which hopefully helps with the "coping". It's not your attitude because you are very much keeping on with keeping on.

Take care.