Saturday, January 10, 2009

can't sleep because I'm too busy barfing

I have been consistently wretching and vomiting for the past 7 days straight, which I'm sure not many of you can claim unless you are equally afflicted with the cancer bug, or perhaps also malaria.

You adapt. It goes a little something like this:

"Hey, did you catch the GAME last Sunday?" (Because I watch games.)

"Whaa.. nooBLAAARGGGuhhgh. No, I didn't."

"Oh man, sorry. You need a towel or something?"

"Naw it happens all the... theBLEGHHAARGRGohholymotherofwhooa time. I'm totally cool. Maybe a napkin though."

See, I have it under control. come over and we'll have us a chat!


olivia said...

oh no. that sounds torturous.
we should go shopping for barf bags. apparently they come in array of styles:

barf bag#1
barf bag#2
barf bag#3

kaylin andres said...

ohhh, I am partial to the little brown barf bag, as I used to be a Bloomingdale's employee and always hated those little things!!!

eppie said...

i recently had a stomach virus and barfed until there was nothing left to barf. i'd imagine it's like that, except the virus decides it wants to take an extended vacation in your tropical island because it's been working really hard and has accrued tons of vacation time and...

Anonymous said...

I do admire your sense of humor with how rough things are. Guess one way to cope to is make light of things. Lol. How you were saying all that reminds me of an episode of Family Guy where the whole family was sick and never was able to finish a sentence without barfing.
I hope it stops soon and you'll be able to feel better.