Friday, May 22, 2009

float on

some pictures of the celebratory balloon ride:

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Now back to real life, back to solid ground.

I've been trying to handle all of my post-cancer emotions like an adult, i.e., not bitch about anything and keep the pain to myself. Like all of that hot air held in the balloon, I'm either going to violently combust or gently float on. We'll see.

Applying for many a job in SF, also looking at an affordable room on 9th and Lawton by the park. I'm pretty terrified that I'll start building my life again and three months from now, when my first scans are taken, it'll all come crumbling down again. Please please please cancer don't come back.

oh, and my birthday is next week, though I don't feel much like celebrating. Can I be 23 again?

I love all of you and hope to see many of you soon.


lisa-lurkey said...

Actually 24 is the new 23.

Damn, the inner sunset is the best! I miss going into GG park to see the big carrot trees (see if you can find them!)


Unknown said...

You do a good job of concealing the turmoil if you still feel it... Seems like you are getting your life back on track faster than most, definitely faster than I have/did.

Unknown said...

Oh, and by this, "I love all of you and hope to see many of you soon," do you mean to imply that you dont want to see some people soon? :)

Levi said...

I would give up on the adult behavior and emotions. Let it all out. Pitch a bitch.

Please don't look forward to disaster though at first, it's so easy to feel as if you're not going to be around long. Remember, the vest revenge is to live your life. Live it and show cancer who's boss. (Hey, a reality sitcom!)

Luke said...

Don't combust much

Don't keep too much pain

Live love on

Happy Birthdays Balloon Girl

Best wishes


Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday love and congratulations. It will not come back. Send me your address again so I can send you a present.

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful and so brave. I really admire you for being so honest and also for not portraying cancer as a bald headed smiley person but instead for how it really is. I don't have cancer thankfully but I love your blog and I hope that your health improves and you stay strong. You should be so very proud of yourself x

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Kairol Rosenthal said...

Hey! I came across your blog from the Asbestos News list (, and am so glad I did! Happy birthday, and good luck with the job hunt. I think your wicked sense of humor (not to mention wicked fashion) will serve you well in this new phase. Stop by and visit my blog at There are many 20-something voices visiting, as a result of my book, Everything Changes: The Insiders Guide to Cancer in Your 20s and 30s. Would love to hear from you.

Kairol Rosenthal

Levi said...

Okay, we've not heard. Are you blogging on fashion? If so, where (again)? I will go bother you there.
Hope you're doing well.