Saturday, May 15, 2010

This is not a goodbye.

My scans are "stable", whatever that means. NED after one year. Sometimes life does go on, isn't that odd? And what are we to do when we expected it wouldn't?

I've finally graduated with my BFA in Fashion Design and participated in the senior show this past May 7th. None of this means much out of context, but I am proud. I'm proud that I didn't let cancer fuck up my plans all that much. Now I have no plans, nor do I want to make any- I just want to keep expelling ideas and art until I croak. I'll float on and go where I go.

I am leaving this here for you.

Now that I'm looking for a real job I can't be as candid as I would like. People Google. Not everyone appreciates the hilarity of a deadly disease. I have to sensor myself. If you enjoy my writing please friend me on Livejournal at [girl_sets_fire]. On lj I can muse about weirdness, inspiration, the struggle with depression, SI, and cancer after-affects without worry of exploitation or being "found out".

This is not a goodbye.

Someone asked who the artist of "Vanitas" was, a couple posts down... his name is Fernando Vicente.

Here are some figure studies for his paintings:

Beautiful insides.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Interesting article about the difference in survival rates of pediatric vs. adult patients. It mentions Ewings Sarcoma and ALL, among others. Statistics are so terribly enticing- I know I shouldn't read on, but I just HAVE to...

"...for teenagers and young adults like her, the prospects for survival had barely budged..."


This link is MIA but if you search for the file "InTheirPrimeandDying.pdf" you'll be able to read it in google reader.