Thursday, February 17, 2011


When ever I haven't blogged for awhile I get anxious, thinking I have to blog, enduring a massive writer's block and forgetting all of the things I wanted to say in the first place.


I've taken a few weeks month off to attend to personal issues, i.e., the rearranging of my life. I've made some progress. I am short one life-partner at the moment, which saddens me. To stuff the pain I've also been purchasing an unfortunate amount of socks from this store.

Our project has been funded and we're delving deep into the world of comic book production, from learning spacial layouts, to composing an epic story with a slight (hopefully not too cliché) nod to the hero's journey. As we come up with new ideas, the story keeps getting richer, more coherent, more inherently awesome. I really can't wait to see it in its final form.

In addition, I'm designing a small capsule collection of metal free dresses & separates to go with the printed scarves that we offered our backers. These pieces are meant to be an alternative to the lowly hospital gown, but beautiful enough for a night out. We plan to launch the collection and comic together. Ok, enough gushing!

Here are a few photos of my sketchbook and our project board:

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Health-wise, I've been having the same problems-- scar tissue/nerve pain, GI issues such as vomiting, cramps, weird BMs, depression, and many side effects from the methadone, which consequently makes everything else worse, I suspect. Side effect I hate most from methadone: sweaty palms!

I'm still on the hunt for a pain regimen that works.

Had a lung scan last week and I'll see an oncologist about it on Wednesday.

That's about it for now. très intéressant, I know.