Saturday, November 5, 2011

faking illness cheapens mine.

I've recently found out that a fellow cancer blogger, who I have mentioned before, has been thoroughly faking the whole thing. I'd recently sent her a gift but hadn't heard from her in a week or so. She said she was in hospice and I thought she had died, quite frankly.

What makes me nauseous is that she used my blog as a textbook on how to have cancer. She studied my blog diligently, as well as many others. She took advantage of dozens of real cancer patients like you and I.

I skyped with her, sent her texts and gifts. I treated her like all of my other cancer friends who were dying, with the utmost compassion and respect. We even talked about cancer frauds -_*

A quick google search turns up many more. CANCER IS TOTALLY TRENDING RIGHT NOW.

look here:

Fuck you, Cara Goodman of Sugarland, TX.

ps... unfortunately I am not faking.