Friday, September 18, 2009


If I were, hypothetically, to use my fashion design skillz to make a product that would promote cancer awareness and donate part of the proceeds to cancer research, what would you want me to make?

Or, more appropriately, what would you want to buy?

A dress with paisley cancer cells printed on it? A t-shirt with a rad cartoon? A silk headscarf with a funny hair pattern?

Please share your ideas. I want to design a piece for cancer awareness that escapes the whole corny pink ribbon thing. Something chic and fresh that you would be excited to wear.

comment away!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I wrote this in my journal around June. Obviously it was written for myself, but now I'm giving it to you. I come back to it every so often. It's easy to feel helpless post cancer, but we're not. We're not helpless or hopeless. We have an amazing amount of strength within us.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Ah, it has been called to my attention that I have been NPR blogchecked. Yesterday's edition of Fresh Air focused on young adults with cancer and specifically, the difficulties of obtaining healthcare in our country. Thank you Iva and Kairol for sharing your stories. Listen further:

A friend commented that "cancertainment" is perhaps taking the word-combo trend a bit to far. I might agree. What's next? Aidstastic? Hemroid-rage? Flesheatingbacteriawesome!

A word on my personal heathcare situation: I am a 24 year old unemployed student with a pre-existing life threatening disease under my belt. I'd pretty much be fucked if it were not for my mummy's fastidious savings and willingness to pay the $430/month for Cobra.

The service I get at Kaiser is atrocious, and it would be perfectly acceptable if it was free or somewhat affordable. I'd shut my mouth and gladly wait in line. But paying hundreds of dollars up the arse every month only to be ignored/referred/pushed to the side is unacceptable. I love Kairol's story about how security had to be called because she demanded an appointment at Kaiser Oakland. Hells yeah! I feel like I'm dealing with the phone company when I'm at Kaiser. But... you can't threaten to take your business elsewhere as with most companies, can you? "Oh? You don't like our service? You're overcharged? I'm sorry for your inconvenience. Go die then, see if we care."

[One thing I must commend Kaiser for that has nothing to do with the company at all: the oncology nurses are the greatest, most caring people in the world. This is the only redeeming aspect of my healthcare experience.]

Anywho. Here is a new hair update. I've dyed it blond, well, because I can. See further:


I look kind of grumpy and ill-rested, I know. I've been having terrible, TERRIBLE nightmares. The kind that make me nauseous in the morning and stay with me all day long. One in particular I still can't get over. In this dream, I have a fist-sized hole in my chest, partially covered with flaky scab skin. I am looking at it in the mirror. I start to peel off the dead skin, revealing a rotting, decaying cavern within me. There is a little bar of soap stuck inside. I am disgusted but also morbidly fascinated.

I'm thinking this image spawned from the trauma of having my port put in, as well as anxiety about my body. It still makes me uneasy thinking about it. I feel violated, I feel raped by experience.

Have you had strange nightmares about your cancer experience? Care to share one? I remember chemo gave me amazingly vivid dreams. Ironically they were happy and full of excitement... I wish I could have them back, minus the drugs.