Tuesday, July 28, 2009

hair today more tomorrow

hair growth update, because I'm sure you are dyyying to know:

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Notice the eyelashes! I've still been wearing my wig, as I'm still quite self concious, but once it gets to Mia Farrow length I'll retire the fake hair for good.

My first post-chemo PET scan was a couple of weeks ago and I had terrible anxiety. Upon moving back to SF I was hesitant to start projects or emotionally invest myself in anything, for fear of my world crashing down again due to cancer. I'm agnostic, but I prayed while I was on the table. Please, please give me some time to enjoy life... even if it's just for a few years.

I figured they wouldn't call if the results were normal. The day after, I got a message from my onc's assistant. She sounded concerned and asked to call back as soon as I could. PANIC. Oh, holyfuckinggod was I scared. NOOO, not yet.

It turns out she called to tell me everything looks normal, and just wanted to say hello. Whew! Good for another three months. How do you deal with scanxiety? I feel as though I was paralyzed until the results came. The wait really is the worst...

Ok, I hope I offend you with this one:

What are Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett getting for Christmas?


Patrick Swayze.

Oooh no she didn't.

el jay cross-post

Just a few pictures of the new room. Moved in Sunday. It's fascinating, how posessions can reaffirm one's identity SO strongly. You'd think that having your stuff packed away for a year and living elsewhere would somehow solidify your own self awareness, but au contraire! I felt lacking, I felt lost. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but as soon as I unpacked my knicknacks and books and clothes something clicked, I felt like Kaylin again, capital K, not cancer ass-kicker or patient or whatever. Just Kaylin, and I like this.

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Grandma's cigar box and a clay skull sculpted freshman year.

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my gents are happy to be out of that stuffy cardboard box.

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12x12 living space SLASH sewing studio, not quite sure how I will make this work...

Fearlessness isn't a lack of fear, rather, it's a mastery of fear. I'm not afraid of much anymore. I am slightly afraid of cancer reccurance, if only for the inevitable decision I will have to make, but I am most certainly not afraid of death. Or pain. How many people, very honestly, can claim this at 24? I am content with the life I have lived because I've tried my very best to be an honest and passionate woman. I am broken, mentally and physically, but I'm confident that I'll adapt and overcome. Most importantly, I am happy right now. HAPPY. I will never ever ever ever EVER subject myself to the horrors of chemo and radiation and debhilitating surgery again. I gave it a sporting try but now I'm done. I am, um... master of my domain.