Sunday, August 17, 2008

Livejournal Post, 8/17/08

This might be a little personal, but I feel more comfortable asking my aquiantances on lj as opposed to some sort of mass text...

I've been having extremely intense pain in my left ovary since May- It's always mid-month and has usually lasted 3 days or so. This kind of pain is usually associated with ovulation and considered normal, but I'm on bc and therefore should not be ovulating. I went to my obgyn and she didn't feel anything unusual.

This month the pain is earlier (by 5 days), longer (now going on 3 days) and more painful. I fainted in the line for Safeway from the pain recently. It's so intense I want to cry, and I'm basically bed ridden. Pain shoots from under my pelvic bone and down my leg.
Painkillers fail to work anymore, so I've been taking sleeping pills just to escape the misery.
I have an appt. for an ultrasound on weds, but damn. I'm wondering if I should go in tomorrow.
So my question is... any women out there experience this? Sisters, friends, whatever... I'm wondering what this kind of unbearable pain could be and how other people have dealt with it/been diagnosed.

tumor, cyst, ovarian cancer, middelshmertz... I have no clue, but something is very obviously "wrong", and my doctor doesn't seem to be too concerned or willing to help.
can anyone shed some light?