Sunday, September 28, 2008

putt putt

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Perception changes when life is threatened. I liken it to getting your first pair of glasses- your moments are a blur and then, all of a sudden, clarity. At least, this has been my experience. I have no choice but to abandon past and future and simply accept the sharp, clear edges of what has been placed in front of me. The present.

My past is another person, another life. My future is so uncertain I can't even fathom it. Now "going through the motions" attains a whole new meaning: every sense, every small minute function of the body and mind is acknowledged and felt- savored, even- rather than abandoned.

just little things

the miniature matters.
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olivia said...

i love that miniature golf place. dan and i went just last month. i even won a couple of those sticker-earrings.
let's drive around in the bug blasting our fave tunes with the sunroof open when i visit! maybe we'll even get hit on by some mexicans at a stoplight....
you never know.

kaylin andres said...

sounds amazing. we had enough tickets for rubber animal noses.