Friday, September 12, 2008

Wig Shop Baby

I will begin a 5-day/week chemo treatment starting Monday- My hair should start falling out in a couple of weeks, so... wig shop!

When I think chemo wig I think of this hot mama:
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Or maybe even a little Raquel Welch? She models all of her own wigs! Bless her soul. This one is called "excite" and oh, does it deliver:
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Most of the wigs were god-awful and all of them were light. I had to choose and order my usual dark color...

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The operation for my port was performed last night. A port is exactly what it sounds like- a passage to a major artery to deliver meds to your bloodstream.
I was fully conscious for the procedure and my surgeon was a complete shit-head. He could tell I was in pain, shaking, crying because they had to try 4 times to shove the stupid thing in... and he wouldn't say a word to me. He'd just yell at the nurses to find him a smaller VAP. Now I'm all bruised and in incredible pain. Fuck that guy.
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Val said...

I'm sorry that sucked so much, but my mom LOVES her port. she's outlived her first one. She likes to put numbing cream on it before the blood draws and chemo, she says she doesn't feel a thing now. which wig did you choose?

elaine said...

actually i think you look super hot as a blonde... beh. i live in iowa, it's going to my head.

Anonymous said...


I never thought you would be so hot as a blonde.

Anonymous said...

I'll send you the link through the person I bought mine from so you can check out theirs. They are gorgous, affordable and last a long time. That was kind of the fun part...not having to hassle with washing hair/drying..and getting a new look anytime. :)

Anonymous said...

Totally brooke hair. You look as a blonde! Love you!

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