Thursday, October 23, 2008

The people all call her Alaska

Today has been the first day of relative normalcy in almost 2 weeks- finally my symptoms are not too painful and the grey haze of fatigue has lifted. I have three days to enjoy this.

I have been writing a lot lately, not here, but in my notebooks, gathering phrases and ideas. The idle hands have a lot to do with it- I am pretty much stuck in this house without a car. I still feel like the odd one out in suburbia. It makes me stir-crazy. People stare at my tattoos and strange dress. I miss the homeless yelling at me, I miss the hot tranny messes spilled all over the sidewalk. I miss the beautiful houses and trees and weather. I miss the gays. I miss designing things. God damnit, I miss San Francisco.

I have a wonderful friend who recently bought me a remote to my Nikon, so here are a couple of self portraits today. The odd one out and soooo not kosher:

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Now off to drink something I have invented that is the greatest thing since ever:
Soy hot cocoa with liquid morphine and whipped cream on top.
Try it sometime, you will not be sorry.


Unknown said...

That drink sounds heavenly

tamerajane said...

1. hi, it's tamera
2. you look beautiful, even pigglenosed. did you see the movie penelope? amazing art direction.
3. meh! i will send you prizes & proper letters, email me yr address -- tameraferro AT gmail DOTS com.
4. that hanging chairrrrrr.

christina hurricane said...

if we can find a car to borrow, we definitely should terrorize suburbia with the new britney. and I will be needing a leather vest and a goth tranny wig for this... seriously, how hot did she look with the tattoos and linkin park fan hair?

aliterarymarvel said...

if you ever need a quick escape i promise the drunken drug enduced homeless in santa cruz will give the SF bums a run for their money. then you can forget about them at the ocean...

SOLO said...

that drink does sound yummmy...
and ohhhh the pig nose!!!
miss you!!!!!!