Tuesday, November 25, 2008

get this...

I am about to go see not one, but TWO different friends today

-all alone
-whilst driving my mom's car.

This is a cancer patient's equivalent of an all night binge-drinking extravaganza ending in you convincing your best friend to flirt with some dude to get the W hotel pool key and swimming at 3 am. Basically, EPIC.

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...even if it is just coffee. come visit me!


Anonymous said...

today I give thanks for microwaved coffee, penguin milk, and douchebags who think it's a great idea to name their daughters "enchilada". and to friends!!!

UnparalleledUmbrellas said...

hehe! awe! i was almost one of the friends! eep! okay well next time i swear even if i have to climb a palm tree were getting those young coconuts even if its the last thing i drink! or microwaved coffee when i visit u!

MorbidKitty said...

Lol...isn't it odd having to retreat back into the care of our parents like a teenager. Little things like outings ARE epic. :)
As soon as I'm better (been sick for 3 weeks) I'll drop off some stuff for you. I know with you having almost no immune system, doctors don't want sick people aroud. :/

stephen said...

i wanna smoke pot with you and fatten you up!!