Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I love to watch.

There is a site called FutureMe, on which you can send an email at a future date. Some of the emails are public and this one sucked me in. I like the format. Personal essay with a smattering of mediore poetry and a couple of spiritual debates for good measure. Seems like something I'd probably write, actually.

I like the idea of sending yourself something from the future. I think I'll send all of you my secrets, to be read 5 years from now. I'm not sure if I'll be around 5 years from now. If I am, I will be considered a "longtime survivor".

fancy that.


Anonymous said...

I sent myself three emails with Futureme during my treatment last year. The funny thing is I only remember writing two of them. I got one already, still waiting for the other two. If they are as embarrassingly badly written as the first one (I blame it on chemo), I will be crushed. :-)
You don't know me at all, but I've been reading you for a while now. Love the way you write.
Longtime survivor sounds good.

Psiplex said...

You were always here -before everything and you will always be a part of the one consciousness. Life just changes forms. We have bodies, we don't have them. You are not your body or your mind. Our conditioning teaches that we are a name, SS# a 98.6 body temp with a heartbeat, but the consciousness, the energy wad we are is always going onward (not forward).

don't sweat the 5-year stuff, You are not bound by clock time, you are timeless. The soul is always beyond time, the mind needs time to orient itself, but that's not who you really are.

Love what you write!

One Love

Anonymous said...

I visited Futureme a few years ago after I heard its creators interviewed on BBC Radio 4. I sent myself a few messages asking what fatherhood was like. I could send back a few angry replies now.

Thank you for the photo you sent me.