Sunday, March 22, 2009

last night on Ruby st.

Tomorrow I get the red devil for the LAST time.
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I can't sleep tonight. The anxiety involved with this drug is debilitating. Last November really was hell- I couldn't walk, talk, eat, sleep. Every movement involved pain. Of course I dread that happening again.

wiki says:

The history of doxorubicin can be traced back to the 1950s, when an Italian research company, Farmitalia Research Laboratories, began an organized effort to find anticancer compounds from soil-based microbes. A soil sample was isolated from the area surrounding the Castel del Monte, a 13th century castle. A new strain of Streptomyces peucetius which produced a bright red pigment was isolated, and an antibiotic was produced from this bacterium that was found to have good activity against murine tumors. Since a group of French researchers discovered the same compound at about the same time, the two teams named the compound daunorubicin, combining the name Dauni, a pre-Roman tribe that occupied the area of Italy where the compound was isolated, with the French word for ruby, rubis, describing the color.

My ruby tattoo has a whole new meaning. As in, if you're on doxorubicin, you're "on ruby street".
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Not after Tuesday!


Psiplex said...

Glad you are on the last leg o the Ruby journey. I wish you strength, rest, peace, love and light.

One Love

Kate Burton said...

Ah the red devil! Nice to know it's the last time isn't it! You've made it so far, one more dose and then it's easy :) Hang in there.

kaylin andres said...

thanks guys!

Val said...

Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck! I'm excited for you :)

Super Surgical said...

.....can I swear here?

. ..<([//]-[//])>

ps. Iam srry for posting this far back, it will be my last one & I readed that you dont like to look at your old posts.

pps. They are amazing & I think you will be a mega hella long time survivor...