Thursday, April 23, 2009

The trick is to minimize wind resistance.

Sarcoma Fun Run, 3/22/09

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It really was fun, I'm not gonna lie. You wouldn't think "sarcoma" and "fun" deserved to be in the same title together, but alas, there it was. We arrived about an hour late and sauntered around Golden Gate Park for the afternoon. The Fun Run didn't cure my cancer, though, and certainly didn't heighten my awareness of sarcoma. I'm already pretty aware. All I got was a pot cookie and a sunburn. it's cool though.

They ran out of free t-shirts by the time we arrived, and there was this wee little man that was furious he wouldn't get his shirt. How else would anybody know he was there? WHY DO IT WITHOUT A FREE T SHIRT?? I know little man, I was thinking the same thing. We ran into him again later and he complained that he'd gotten lost and taken a cab to the finish line. Such a grumpy little thing. I wonder if his nipples were chafing? I bet that's it. I'd be grumpy too.

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Thank you Vicki and Rach, you are both amazing.


Haley feeesh said...

LOL this post cracks me up. I hope to see ya in May

Anonymous said...

Hahahah remember when they ran out out #'s? hahaha and rachel had to get a sticky and write her # on it. Pfffttt Good times. Such cute kids at that park. -Vicki

Love you! :) See you tonight!

Kate Burton said...

I'll definitely take a pot cookie over a t-shirt! Who know, publicize that and I'll bet turnout increases next year.