Friday, September 18, 2009


If I were, hypothetically, to use my fashion design skillz to make a product that would promote cancer awareness and donate part of the proceeds to cancer research, what would you want me to make?

Or, more appropriately, what would you want to buy?

A dress with paisley cancer cells printed on it? A t-shirt with a rad cartoon? A silk headscarf with a funny hair pattern?

Please share your ideas. I want to design a piece for cancer awareness that escapes the whole corny pink ribbon thing. Something chic and fresh that you would be excited to wear.

comment away!


Levi said...

Pink is for breast cancer. What color is yours? Mine is beige...lovely huh? Like the inner space of my body where they took out my uterus -- beige. Plus Sept is Ovarian cancer month and Oct is breast cancer month. What month is your cancer? My cancer doesn't have a month.

I'd be willing to buy a lovely scarf...a neck scarf. I wear those a lot but not necessarily on heated days like today. A neck scarf, chic and fresh -- now I'd be excited to wear something like that.

Levi said...

Ovarian is teal. (forgot to mention that)

kaylin andres said...

Oh man, I doubt my cancer even has a minute, let alone a month.

and... I think ewing's sarcoma is yellow, so it's just dumped into all of the other yellow causes.

I would like to propose it changed to neon green...

Jessie O said...

well, i say:
-anything that anthropomorphizes cells is hilarious
-what's missing from my cancer wardrobe is booty shorts
-what i really want is funny cancer buttons

Whittles Wobble said...

I'd rock a shirt with giant sized cancer cells on it; it would have to be bold! Striking colors on a solid background. Punker-ish. Looking at the cancer cell, it is quite aesthetically appealing despite its obvious gruesome nature.

Lauren said...

i'm a big fan of bright colors and short dresses with tights - i'd be soooo into a crazy mini-dress of some sort with neon cells all over it. something to spice up the hem/onc floor a little bit... or maybe a big, off the shoulder t-shirt. fashionable, yet functional.

i totally support your move to change ewing's color to neon green - there's so much yellow cancer awareness... plus the whole war thing... (people are always asking my mom if she supports the war when she wears yellow ribbons for my little brother...) i'm pretty happy with the purple for hodgkin's, though...

Aroma Fields said...

Pancreatic cancer here....the color is purple. I don't think there's a special month set aside for this particular cancer. I've always liked pansies. Wouldn't it be nice if purple pansies were designated as the pancreatic cancer flower? You could plant them among other beautiful greenery in a pretty pot and call it "garden of hope". I like that idea :-)

lisa-lurkey said...

really - endo cancer is beige? i would have thought red. Damn.

I like the direction of the paisley idea - i was quite taken with how paisley-like the example slides i found online were. Yes, I'd buy a scarf like that. And socks too - especially socks. Also ties, belts, bags. panties. Maybe you could have a bunch of healthy cells and put the cancer ones in difficult positions - under the heel, at the end of the scarf where it always gets stuck under your chair, right at the butt hole you so can pass gas on it, at the point on the tie where the soup stains go.

The other thing that would be coolish is if there were a really secret thing people could wear to id themselves only to others who are personally cancer experienced - sort of like the super secret masons handshake.

On the other hand, something truly hilarious would be good. Maybe its a cartoon character cancer cell - he eats too much, knocks down little classic organs to build his mcMansion, crowds out the cells whose families have lived there for generations, doesn't support universal healthcare, probably never recycles, drives a hummer...

Levi said...

If cancer drives a hummer, we're doomed.

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...
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Levi said...

Pisces. I'm not sure a fish could kick cancer's ass.
Does cancer have an ass?
Hope you are doing well.

courtney said...

I just discovered your blog and appreciate reading your posts although I don't have cancer(so far as I am aware). My older sister does though. She was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer last fall at the age of 28. The color for stomach cancer is periwinkle blue...not such a bad shade to make something in. I would say a t-shirt...maybe something a la I'd love to connect my sister to more young adults with cancer, so if you're interested in connecting, email me @

Dave Swider said...

I'd wear a necktie with paisley cancer cells on it. Just be sure to donate some of the proceeds to the ACS or something.

I'm also a motorcyclist and I go through Buffs pretty regularly. It's possible to get them custom printed. I'd rather see people with those than last year's most overused fashion statement - the Burberry scarf.

I also am going to wind up riding for Team in Training. It'd be cool to have a bicycle jersey that reminded us of why we're riding.

I don't have cancer, but my wife is struggling with Stage IV NHL. I'm enjoying your blog. We hope to be in your position a few months from now.


dave + tina

fuck cancer, ride bikes.

Unknown said...

A t-shirt with following print might be nice:
Yes I have cancer! So what?!
Because I think people are so scared when they see somebody without hair and eyelashes. Not everybody wants to hide that they are sick. I didn't!

Daniele from Belgium

Stephanie said...

I love you and I love this blog. Cancer is a bitch. 2 grandparents, my aunt, my mother, and myself. My Mother had breast as well as her mother. Everyone else all different types. It was about three weeks after my 6th birthday when I was diagnosed with my Ewings. I obviously watch MTV and saw you...and as soon as you were talking about your hip px & the "red devil" I knew yours was mine. If you ever did get to making something, let me know where to buy it. And I agree...yellow should be changed to neon green. Hope all is well your way.