Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Fun Exciting Time

I am thrilled to announce the launch of our kickstarter project: Terminally Illin'- A Cancer Comic Book.

Long-time followers will remember a post I did in 2008 upon inception of this idea, inspired by the irreverent fighting spirit of comic heroines like Tank Girl.

I want this comic to be an amalgamation of amazing, engaging artwork, hilarious storylines, and honest, informative commentary on the YA cancer experience. There will be writing from this blog, and other guest contributors. I want patients to be able to read it while going through chemo, and be transported into a fantastic world of kick-assery and (in our own sly way) hope.

I want to be able to give this work of art for FREE to any cancer patient/survivor that would like it.

Please help me spread the word! Let's make this happen!!

If you want to contribute/want one sent to you, email me: kaylinmarie[at]


Levi said...

I am not a YA but I have spent my life laughing. Cancer got me thinking a bit more seriously (about laughing).
Love the idea of the Tumonaytor.
I tweeted and fb'd the link.
This is a great idea.

B. said...

K -- This is SUCH an amazing idea. We all know, if we don't laugh, we'll end up crying... you leave me in awe that you continue to want to give back, even with overcoming your own adversity.

It is warriors like you, who make me believe in humanity again. I was totally hit with a reject button for SAMfund as well, since I have a 'chronic cancer,' that don't want to invest in someone who will never be cured.

We MUST laugh more. Thank you for being you, lovely.


Pateeta said...

Cool! Can I be Flaming Asshole Girl? I just got home from the hospital and a 3 day laxative marathon for SBE. I have a cape and everything.


kaylin andres said...

flaming asshole girl can have a cameo ;)

Dan said...

Cool. Just be careful about the Arnold/Terminator "parody." Be ready to battle the evil movie studios by claiming "parody" as a fair use!


Robyn said...

Kaylin, this is such a fantastic idea! It's really great to see your efforts morph into something so unique and (for lack of a better word) healing.

You'll certainly be hearing from me.

Applecart T. said...


Chad Lott said...

Honestly, getting sued by a big ass company is probably what you want.

"Scharzennegger Sues Cancer Comic Book" pretty much guarantees front page on the Huffingtonpost.

Becca said...

damn...i remember commenting on that 2008 post! god, has it really been that long? cuz i had also wanted to do a cancer comic...if i search real hard i bet i can find the initial stupid sketch i drew up somewhere...but, alas, i've lost motivation on pretty much EVERYthing in life, so that would include comics.
i have a film project in the works, a quasi experimental/documentary bout cancer, but in a 'fuck cancer' kinda way. not a mushy sappy inspirational way. i got a indie a go-go page set up for it, tho its not 'live' yet. but was wondering how your experience has been using kickstarter? cuz we're thinking bout that too...anywho. all the best! i'd love to collab. maybe plop it in our film somewhere...hrmm..