Wednesday, January 5, 2011

oh and p.s.-- if we don't reach our funding goal in the next 14 days, the cancer comic won't be published, and the hundreds of fellow cancer-ites & YA foundations I have on my mailing list will not receive this awesome, wickedly funny, free work of art. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, share our kickstarter page! I still have a tiny bit of faith in humanity, don't make me lose it.

p.p.s-- I plan on drawing Dev in for a cameo.

He's still alive in my head & we're still on this journey together.


Anonymous said...

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courtney said...

glad to support. hope you reach funding goal in time.

terra said...

Kaylin you are some kind of amazing! I just started reading your blog and I could do it all day. I totally support your goal and will keep posting it on my FB in hopes you reach your goal.

Michelle said...

wohoooooooo, you reached your goal, right?

Congratulations, Kailyn!