Saturday, November 5, 2011

faking illness cheapens mine.

I've recently found out that a fellow cancer blogger, who I have mentioned before, has been thoroughly faking the whole thing. I'd recently sent her a gift but hadn't heard from her in a week or so. She said she was in hospice and I thought she had died, quite frankly.

What makes me nauseous is that she used my blog as a textbook on how to have cancer. She studied my blog diligently, as well as many others. She took advantage of dozens of real cancer patients like you and I.

I skyped with her, sent her texts and gifts. I treated her like all of my other cancer friends who were dying, with the utmost compassion and respect. We even talked about cancer frauds -_*

A quick google search turns up many more. CANCER IS TOTALLY TRENDING RIGHT NOW.

look here:

Fuck you, Cara Goodman of Sugarland, TX.

ps... unfortunately I am not faking.


Caroline said...

Do not take down your blog. It is part of you. Those idiotic pathetic scammers who try to fake cancer for the money are among the lowest form of scum on the earth. Don't succumb to them and sink to their level. Stay strong and do what you need to do to cope.

And press charges against her if you can.

I wish I could fake cancer too.

Brooke said...

I hope you won't take down your blog. I don't have cancer but I read your blog and I have gained so much insight about the reality of living through diagnosis, treatment and remission of cancer through your writing. I seriously am better able to relate and understand because of your writing about how it felt on that end of things... I frequently think about the pain you descibed during chemotherapy when you got thrush... I just had no idea there was so much beyond chemotherapy'a steroypical side effects... And I never would have known that or many of the realities that you experienced without your blog. Thank you for sharing what you do, I'm sorry that other Blogger used your real life to fuel her fake one :( gross.

LFlores said...

I've been following your blog for quite a while. And I'd like to add that to delete your blog would only please the people who have hurt you and other cancer patients. It angers me that someone would have the gut to fake their cancer. I don't have cancer, but have known people who have suffered through this horrible disease. I am so sorry for you to have to go through all this tremendous pain. You are in my thoughts and prayers that you can get through this difficult time.
This fake person should be criminally charged!

Most sincerely,

John said...

I do know that your blog gave tremendous moral support to my daughter, before she died of her very real cancer. The people who fake cancer have no idea how insidious and destructive it is. It is not something any sane person would want to have.

Nahuel - said...

Kaylin, I wrote you before, sent a couple of mails telling you about how your blog helped me to understand better the difficult situation my sister is going through, and gave me the strength and the wisdom to pass through it with her. It's unbelievable how someone could fake something like this only to have some readers, or to get some money. But I hope you know, and be sure of that, that the things you write here are useful in many ways to many people. And I really hope to continue reading you.

Sorry about my english.

Most sincerely,


Lauren said...

You shouldn't take down your blog because of what Cara did. Also, you have every right (and a strong case) to file charges against her. I hope you do. <3

Take care of yourself. Forget about Cara. What she did was awful and horrible on every level. And there are plenty of places and people she got her information from. This isn't your fault in any way.


Emby said...

Wow, I have read Cara's blog and have been in tears and emotionally bowled over by it in the past, hoping for the best for her, and to find out she was faking is amazing. I am really glad she is ok and all those horrible things did not happen to her. She is definitely mentally ill but she is young so I am hoping she can get to a better mental health.

It's crazy that faking cancer is trendy?!? I would love to give them all the difficulties and challenges I went through of actually going through cancer. Because if these people were to even feel a few minutes of it there would be no way they would want to act without empathy and compassion for the people that are going through it.

It is depressing to hear this is happening but I am really glad organizations that help young adult cancer grads check lots of documentation and require actual medical records.

Emily said...
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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog as it's so inspiring. I don't have cancer, I have post viral fatigue. I read your blog and admire your courage, determination and perseverance and it gives me hope and strength, even though my problems are so small. words can't express what I feel about your blog, but I do appreciate you trying to help others and it's unfortunate that some people take advantage of others. Take care and I loook forward to reading more of your inspiring courageous heartfelt blogs.

Jessica said...

Please don't allow the fakes to win. By taking your blog down, you're leaving more room for another liar to take advantage of wonderful, genuine people like yourself and so many others. I came across your blog after hearing from a friend who was affected of Cara's bullshit. I lost my own father from cancer, after a long battle and too many relapses. I was astounded to find out what this person was doing, I was sick to my stomach, I cried. And I didn't know her, I'd never spoken to her or read her blog before this. The only positive coming from this is becoming aware of just how many brave and beautiful people like you there are out there. You've heard it before I'm sure, but you along with a few others are such an inspiration to me. Such a glimmer of hope. I hope you decide to stay.

jannet watson said...
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Anonymous said...

No, don't take down your blog! This blog has probably helped many people with cancer to find courage and strength. You have not posted inawhile- hope you are well.



Anonymous said...

Hi Kaylin.
I only wish I were faking it too.
Honestly, she just makes me sad. I would more than gladly trade all the cancer attention for sweet healthy anonymity.
Don't take down your blog and don't ever stop blogging.
Just my selfish two cents.

Arthur said...

I know your pain (referring to the faker part only), I dated, lived with and bought an engagement ring for a cancer faker. I figured out the truth in April 2011 and was devastated by it. She stole money and emotional support from me. Worse off, I have a friend with a real brain tumor, who I could've spent much more time supporting. The whole trend of this is sickening in light of people who have real cancer and the struggles they live with.
My doctor even told me its way more common than people even know, which is disgusting.

Please don't take down your blog, based on user response it seems to bring levity and inspriation to an otherwise feared disease.

The Cancer Assassin said...

Indeed! Please do not take down your blog! I for one absolutely love it! You are NOT a part of this fake crap and it does not cheapen you or your illness my dear. I for one would not have even known about these people faking their cancer diagnosis if it hadn't been for YOUR blog, so there, see just how important it is that you keep it up.
This faking it stuff is absolutely repulsive! And I firmly believe that those people involved will get what karma they deserve in the end.
Your fan!
"The Cancer Assassin"

John's Brain said...

You are absolutely right when you say that "faking illness cheapens mine". And, given books like "Cancer Vixen" there does seems to be a certain cache to having cancer...among those who don't have cancer.

Having said that, you are an important voice to those of us who are fighting or have fought cancer or will be fighting cancer.


PS - This doesn't mean I don't like "Cancer Vixen"...I really appreciated her animated narration of her journey.

I just found your blog and wish I had found it years ago.

Anonymous said...

We need each other. And we need you. SImply put, these people are definitely sick, just not with cancer.

John's Brain said...

The deceit that you've endured has been eating at me. I blogged about it today and thought you should know.


Anonymous said...

Faking cancer is never something I thought anyone would do in real life until I heard about Leanne Roche in Virginia Beach. While going through a divorce she decided to diagnose herself with breast cancer for sympathy. Even told her children she was dying in effort to prevent them from visiting their father. Lies lies lies. She also used this story to try and get more money out of the divorce by saying she is unable to work from it. She is pathetic and the most deceitful human being I've ever heard of. If you see her in your blog confront her.

Jen said...

Hi! I'm Jen, I was at the OMG event in NYC Saturday and I decided to check out your blog and found this. (You rule by the way, I'm ordering my friend from the Jimmy Fund your comic book.. he has Ewings and I also pointed him in the direction of World of Jenks)
Anyway, I'm horrified because the same girl fucked with me when I had cancer the first time 2 summers ago.
I made the mistake of tagging one of my personal posts on tumblr with the hashtag chemo.
She would even message me saying "I thought you couldn't eat sushi on chemo?" and stuff. I told her that I was allowed to as long as I wasn't neutropenic and I feel like she used me for information.
I hope that you are doing and feeling well!
Fuck cancer fakers. But mostly fuck cancer.

kaitland said...

Shes no longer faking cancer. I met her a little over 2 years ago while she was pregnant with her daughter through a mutual friend. In my time knowing Cara she lied about her dad abusing and molesting her, being an alcoholic and in AA, multiple rapes, attempted break ins, having to testify against her Dad in court, about having a son at 13 and him dying, she even falcified a police report last December that she was raped in her garaged on her lunch break. The police discovered her lie and slowly it all came to surface in January. She does not have physical custody of her daughter and is now in treatment for BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) I no longer have contact with her, but I have spoken with her mother and mutual friends. Shes living on her own and working in Sugar Land. It wasn't until after I found everything out that I googled her and found all this out. I'm so beyond disgusted and confused and hurt. I allowed her to babysit my son while my Husband and I were on dates so she could make extra money. I allowed her into my family and home and she is a liar. I am sure shes preying on other people who are unaware of her past. I'm sorry she did this and I wish she would stop.