Thursday, February 12, 2009

keeping tabs

I've had a friend staying over, so new "actual" post on cancer/sexuality this Sunday. A few little updates:

The radiation burn is looking much better, I'm glad to say. Chemo last week was quite brutal, but nothing new. Approximately 2 weeks of this hellish elixir left to go.

Learning piano has done amazing things for my morale. I love it. I practice constantly. I dream in notes and measures now. It has replaced my other bad habits as a means for stress relief.

One of my favorite people has procured a scooter for me, and this has spawned all sorts of outrageous fantasies for April/May. Sunny days, sewing, friends, hair growth, put-putting around town in an ugly little Malaguti. I CAN'T WAIT TO LIVE MY LIFE AGAIN. And repay all of you with hugs and kisses or whatever else seems fitting.

Fantasy aside, I would like to start looking for a place to live in the next couple of months. If anyone hears of a good deal for a room anywhere in the city please let me know.


eppie said...

YAAAAAY! Reading that your life will be normal again and you're looking for a place in the city is music to my ears!

Anonymous said...


UnparalleledUmbrellas said...

kisses and hugs! sign me up! i cant wait!
i might pee my pants! yayyyyyyy!