Thursday, May 7, 2009

bloggedy blog blog, fashion, whatever.

I've been lying here sweating out a fever for the last couple of days... fever ALWAYS happens to me in the weeks subsequent to chemo. It would be nice to be able to eat something without puking so hard that my nose bleeds.

Blogs. Blogs are such an amazing phenomena, aren't they? I love this mass articulation of personal thought. Bloggers stradle both the selfish and selfless all at once. To start a blog and assume someone really wants to read about your banal life is quite selfish, and yet, those banalities might have a little seed of inspiration, entertainment, or perhaps even provoke a thought or two.

I suppose I am officially a BLOGGER, being slightly too self centered to write about other people, ie journalism, and lacking the attention span for essays and the like. I was asked to write a fashion blog for Spanish Moss Vintage, which is an awesome up-and-coming indie retailer, and I enthusiastically accepted.

The notion of starting a fashion blog came to me last year when I was trend researching for Goorin, spending 8 hours on end trolling the internets for fashion inspiration. But, I was busy with my own line. And then I got cancer. Ah, life.

So now, someone has done all the dirty work and designed a blog just for me. It's a great concept and I REALLY want to use it to promote independent talent, because I know how hard it is to market yourself as a designer.

If any fashionists out there have any suggestions on who/what I should cover, let me know. Send me an email, anything.

Check it out!

a disclaimer: I really had no say in the fact that my big huge MUG is splayed across the top of the page, haha.


Levi said...

My ass doesn't miss food. I had the wrong kind of cancer. I had weight gaining cancer. And I so looked forward to the mythical cancer thinness while gaining nearly 20 lbs.

Then I thought that maybe the only way I'd get thin would be to actually die from cancer. I was hoping not to go the other way and have to purchase on of those XXL coffins.

Congrats on the new blog. The picture is lovely. The only fashion blog I really read is Project Rungay but they've changed it. They are "fabulous and opinionated."

Anonymous said...

You my friend are so talented. That picture of you is stunning! :)

As far as your ass goes... it's coming back. Just wait. My goal this summer is to PLUMP YOU UP! :)

Love you!

Kate Burton said...

Damn I wish I was photogenic! Anyway the blog looks fantastic. I'm with POD my damn ass got fatter during cancer (okay not my ass per se but my front butt)

I'm not much of a fashionista but I do have a couple of sections on my resource page that I could list your work in. Would you prefer "Art and Cancer" or "Shopping". Shoot me an e-mail if you want me to put you up.

Luke said...

Congrats, the fashion blog looks great.

Not that I know much about fashion. My daily wardrobe selection usually involves choosing the least smelly t-shirt and pair of jeans lying on my floor.

Liz said...

I admire your attitude. I'm doing some research for a friend, and I'm finding some amazing blogs to send on to her. (Her husband has a rare form of cancer and they're both -- not to mention their young adult kids -- are scared to death. He starts chemo this week.) I think she'll like some of the things I've found.

For you, I send good thoughts, hopes and wishes, and a recommendation of a book that sasses cancer as well as you do. It's called "Cornfield Heiress" and while it also covers the author's wild and crazy young adulthood (she graduated from college in the early '70s), it's also about the world of cancer and alternative breast cancer treatments. She doesn't let it get her down, either.

Good luck and godspeed. I'm sending my friend here.