Saturday, May 9, 2009

totally OT

Awkward Family Photos:

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one of my new favorite blogs.


Sean said...

Hahaha, that blog is the internet's true purpose.

Luke said...

That pic is a wee bit beyond awkward. I think most people are too repressed but letting your daughter play with your nekkid suit man junk is just not right.

Although I can see where having my own nekkid suit would be sweet for special ocassions like first dates and office Christmas parties.

The web site was giggly though.


Anonymous said...

That link kept me busy for a while...

olivia said...


Super Surgical said...

I cant wait to visit that blog.

With that being said, a place I have semi/on/off intern/volunteer at the Soap Factory has had that picture up on their bulletin board in the office for damn near 4yrs at least now if not more, its on a blank post card of some sorts.
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ninni said...

Thanks greeat blog