Tuesday, July 28, 2009

el jay cross-post

Just a few pictures of the new room. Moved in Sunday. It's fascinating, how posessions can reaffirm one's identity SO strongly. You'd think that having your stuff packed away for a year and living elsewhere would somehow solidify your own self awareness, but au contraire! I felt lacking, I felt lost. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but as soon as I unpacked my knicknacks and books and clothes something clicked, I felt like Kaylin again, capital K, not cancer ass-kicker or patient or whatever. Just Kaylin, and I like this.

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Grandma's cigar box and a clay skull sculpted freshman year.

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my gents are happy to be out of that stuffy cardboard box.

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12x12 living space SLASH sewing studio, not quite sure how I will make this work...

Fearlessness isn't a lack of fear, rather, it's a mastery of fear. I'm not afraid of much anymore. I am slightly afraid of cancer reccurance, if only for the inevitable decision I will have to make, but I am most certainly not afraid of death. Or pain. How many people, very honestly, can claim this at 24? I am content with the life I have lived because I've tried my very best to be an honest and passionate woman. I am broken, mentally and physically, but I'm confident that I'll adapt and overcome. Most importantly, I am happy right now. HAPPY. I will never ever ever ever EVER subject myself to the horrors of chemo and radiation and debhilitating surgery again. I gave it a sporting try but now I'm done. I am, um... master of my domain.

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